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Frequently Asked Questions — Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by Sarah Harrington on

Q. How many rings come with this curtain pole? A. It depends on the length of your curtain pole to work out how many rings there will be. See below for more info… Curtain Pole Length Quantity of Curtain Rings Extendable Lengths 70-120cm 12 Rings 120-210cm & 125-215cm 22 Rings 170-300cm 30 Rings Fixed Lengths 120cm 12 Rings 125cm 14 Rings 150cm 16 Rings 180cm 18 Rings 200cm 20 Rings 240cm 24 Rings 250cm 26 Rings 300cm 30 Rings 400cm 40 Rings   Extra ring packs are available to purchase. Q. Does this curtain pole come in one full length?...

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