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All things British

Posted by Sarah Harrington on

Best of British

So it's all over for Mr David Cameron, who spent his last day yesterday as prime minister, tying up some loose ends while merrily humming a tune to himself.  Today Theresa May steps in to take his place as the new PM.  Theresa May will be our country's second female prime minister, following in the footsteps of Margaret Thatcher.  Looking at this mornings headlines it appears that Theresa will be injecting some 'Girl Power' into the key cabinet positions.

So in the hopes of 'building a better Britain' we would like to share with you our own collection of very British soft furnishings today.

This is your last chance to grab yourself a bargain and own a beautiful collection of very British themed cushions.

Union Jack themed cushion cover

So with 'Girl Power' in mind, Spice up your life with Ginger Spice, Geri's favorite choice, The 18" (45.7cm) Union Jack cushion cover is only £2 per cover, yes £2 just for you and they are selling fast.  Although we do not offer the inner stuffing pads we do recommend that you try your local JYSK store to fill your bargain buys.

Underground cushion cover

Get the London look with the 18" (45.7cm) Underground themed cushion cover is a perfect modern urban lifestyle choice for any city dwelling. At £2.99 each cover this is one bargain all you city lovers can't afford to miss.  Again stocks are selling fast and when they are gone they are gone.

During the excitement of selecting your themed homewares, don't forget that you will need to break up all that visual noise with a few accent block colours, for example our 18" Lana red cushion cover would sit nicely between or around the Union Jack and the underground covers.  Handy tip: To mix it up further why not choose the 24" (61cm) size instead to add depth and layers to your home

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