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Are you faking it?

Posted by Sarah Harrington on

We all know that in the fashion industry imitations are nothing new however imitations in home decor?  Yes it’s here and thriving so believe it.

It’s said that faux decor isn't just a thing; it's a trend homeowners are embracing, according to a recent report by The Wall Street Journal. Wall Street interviewed builders and homeowners who have opted for faux barn wood, marble, and foliage over the real materials.  It’s a fascinating read.

Rustic farmhouse kitchen

Due to the rise of the rustic farmhouse kitchen which has been heavily promoted on Pinterest, prices of barn wood and recycled timber have recently increased. This has resulted in a surge demand for budget-friendly faux ceiling beams and trusses.  The alternative is easier to install and more durable than real wood – after all, as This Old House points out, faux wood beams can't rot or bow.

Grey floors are now taking shape in the Pinterest world, which has seen an increase of 20 percent since last year.  Designer Lindsey Coral Harper, of LCH Interiors, says she's seeing clients install manufactured floors over replacing hardwood ones in order to recreate the trend in their homes.

Designer Nicole Gibbons says that electing to use faux materials isn't so much a trend as a practical alternative for clients' lifestyles. "People aren't coming to me for faux. Faux becomes an alternative to something that's impractical for them."

For example, marble. According to Gibbons, clients love the timeless look of Carrara marble, but may not be able to maintain the countertops, which can't get acidic foods on them, in their own homes. "People aren't coming to me and saying, 'I want fake marble,'" Gibbons says. "They're saying, 'I really like the look of marble, but it's too high maintenance,' or, 'I cook too much for that to be able to hold up. What do you recommend as an alternative?'"

The left is a slab of Carrara marble, the right is a slab of engineered quartz from Caeserstone.

A suitable option is engineered quartz, which comes in a variety of patterns and colours, the beauty of the quartz is it will withstand heat and acidity from food contact.

Other examples of fake wooden walls, brick tiling and laminated coverings.

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