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Colour my home copper/ rose gold

Posted by Sarah Harrington on

Rose gold and copper are elegant metallic shades that many people are obsessed with this year, 2016. The alloy look is great whether it is high polished and shiny or rustic. Shades range from light yellows to deeper toned rose gold.

Colour my home copper

Did you know Rose gold began its popularity in Russia during the 19th century, back then it was formerly known as Russian Gold? Trends of popularity were dominant during the Victorian era and the 1920s saw a spike in trends when Cartier introduced their iconic trinity ring.

compliment rose gold with pastel shades and dark colours

Handy tip: By combining copper and rose gold metal ornaments and fixtures with pastels shades and dark bold colours you can enhance the feeling of superior luxury.   Though this interior style is considered quite feminine this environment is very tranquil and inspires happiness and content to all who have the pleasure of spending time there.

Let the rose gold do the talking

Shhh the secret: The key to getting this trend right is to keep everything simple and let the rose gold features do the talking. You don't have to go crazy make commit to any drastic changes.  Just simple accents here and there look fantastic within any room.

28mm Nikola complete pole set rose gold

With rose gold in mind due to popular demand we have now restocked our 28mm Nikola complete pole sets.  Grab a bargain while its hot as once the stock has gone, it’s gone.  Remaining sizes available are 180cm, 240cm & 300cm with additional rings packs to match in packs of 8.  This beautiful pole set comes complete with two large modern ball finials, two poles with a pole connector, round rings and fixed wall supports.

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