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Redefining luxury - tactile, wool & knitting trending AW16

Posted by Sarah Harrington on

“2016 will redefine luxury with items that tell a story of authenticity and timelessness without being ostentatious” - Monica Lenore, Interior Designer

It's been predicted that we will see tactile homewares coming through by the end of 2016. Annette Bugansky's tactile range of porcelain vases, tableware, lighting and giftware has featured in many major exhibits and sits in many interior boutiques both nationally and internationally.  Bugansky has been designing and creating pieces since 2003 and just recently her work has been shortlisted as an upcoming trend for AW16.

Using traditional craft making skills such as crochet, embroidery, knitting, weaving and hand sewing, Bugansky has created beautiful porcelain pieces which are functional in any living environment.  I absolutely love this sort of tableware, I just can't help picking it up in a store so I can have a good investigate of it's been made and what it feels like to touch.  To the eye it appears to be soft and snuggly like your favourite winter jumper or blanket but in reality to touch them it's a totally different feel for the senses.  It's cold and hard and the texture is a delight for curious fingertips.

This style of textured ceramic is also making a breakthrough in the soft furnishing industry with many patterns making their way through to our window hardware.

Above: Wooly textures are trending within the curtain pole market as shown above on these finials.

Is knitting really that popular?

In a recent interview with The Luxpad, Catherine Tough discusses the joys of knitting and why the tradition hobby is back for good.

I also found an interesting little article from 2011 from The Guardian reporting on the rise of the wool.

Fancy giving it a go for yourself?

Here's a beginners guide on how to knit with the summer holidays in full swing it's the perfect excuse to take up a new hobby and teach your children or grandchildren a new skill.




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