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What's in your Pick & Mix?

Posted by Sarah Harrington on

Gummy bears pick and mix
With the summer school holidays just around the corner it's time to start thinking about what plans to make so the kiddies don't get bored.  You'll be surprised at the ton of free things you and the family can do in your local area from face painting to swimming events and even free entry into art and science museums.  Search online via your local authority website to find out more details.
This month has seen the premier of two highly anticipated children's films, Ice age collision course and The secret life of pets, both films are showing at your local cinemas now.  We are definitely going to watch one of these tonight, but which one is up to the children.  With films in mind this brings up the big question of "what's in your pick and mix?there's so much choice and so little time to choose.  Are you a deconstruct and eat flying saucer muncher, a super sour sweet connoisseur, or a fanatic about fudge?
Here's the top 10 most chosen sweets for pick and mix;
1 - Flying saucers
2 - Fizzy cherry cola bottles
3 - Sour cherries
4 - Cherries
5 - Jelly lips
6 - Jelly fried eggs
7 - Pink shrimp
8 - Lemon sherbet
9 - Sour dummies
10 - Watermelon slice
Did any of your favourites rank top 10?
Now here's a lovely treat in a different form.  Our pick and mix range offers you the chance to build your own custom curtain pole sets.  With various designs of finials to choose from you'll be sure to find a style to suit.  We have traditional, bling, glass and modern contemporary styles to suit all tastes and decor.  
Firstly you will need to pick, from the 28mm eyelet curtain pole listing, and find the size and colour of the pole you require.  Do you need rings? If so pick the matching colour 28mm lined ring packs you need to hang your curtains.  If you have chosen eyelet curtains you will not need rings.  Then comes the cherry on the top, finials, choose your decorative 'ends' for your pole set and tad dah!  
You've just picked and mixed your own custom curtain pole set.
All you need for curtains pick and mix options

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