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Know your Lining

Posted by Xeina Henning on

You may not think this but the linings of curtains are very important, it can tribute tremendously to the benefits/flaws of a set of curtains. When choosing your lining make sure to have a good think about what benefits you would like your curtains to contribute to the room they will be installed in.  

Thick and heavy lining is a great insulator as well as a sun blocker, perfect for use with curtains in your bedroom.

Light weight and thin lining is great for the summer, it allows the hot air from your home to escape to the outside resulting in a nice cool atmosphere.

Types of Lining


You don’t have to have lining with your curtains but it does add to the benefits curtains can offer your home.

Unlined curtains are useful in the summer as the cool air can pass through the curtains keeping your home at a nice cool temperature. The downfall to having unlined curtains would be how much light your curtains would allow in to the room.

Unless you have very thick and heavy curtains in the winter months unlined curtains wouldn’t be any good at keeping the heat in your home.

Personally we wouldn’t recommend having no lining on your curtains, although there are a few benefits we would say that it is a lot easier and better in the long run to have some sort of lining.


Helping to insulate your home as well as keeping the light out - lining your curtains is a wise idea. It is not just yourself who will benefit from using a lining, your curtains will too! A lining can protect colours, patterns and materials on your curtains from becoming damaged.

A lining also adds weight onto your curtains helping them to hang more naturally from your curtain pole.

Blackout Lining

Perfect for the summer months, keeping the light out and helping to keep rooms cool.

Thermal Lining

Save money in the winter months by using thermal lining, great for keeping in the heat and keeping out the drafts, see your heating bills lower once thermal lining is used.

Not the best idea to use thermal lining in the summer months as it can cause the temperature of a room to rise.

Next week we will be looking into different types of curtain headings that are taking over the home interior world as well as top tips on how to clean your curtains.

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