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5 Simple Ideas to Update your Home

Posted by Xeina Henning on

Do you have the sudden urge to spruce up your home?

We are here to help you out!

The best way to start is by choosing a few key pieces, weather it is changing the colour scheme in a room to fitting a new window blind, you need to remember to relax and enjoy this – its meant to be fun.

As long as you love the items you pick than they are going to work together regardless.

1. Statement Furniture

Adding a chair or cabinets in an accent colour can really stand out and give a whole new style to a room.

Useful Tip: Good colours to use are Magenta’s, Purple’s, Teal’s, Lime’s, Brown’s, Pink’s and Mango.

2. Lighten Up!

Lighting in a room is super important, no one is ever happy in a dull and dark room.

Change your lamp from traditional to talking point. Go and buy a new lamp for the room or even get some string up fairy lights and hang them on one wall, so simple yet so effective.





3. Create a Feature Shelf

Try rearranging your shelf’s, add ornaments and picture frames or even buy a nice indoor plant (If your like me and are not the best at keeping plants alive maybe look for nice artificial plants).

Keep things fresh and clutter-free.


4. Wall Art and Accessories

From sweet and short to comedy and jokes, there are hundreds of different wall arts, signs, plaques and stickers to choose from.

Adding these to your rooms will be a great way to show off your personality and add character.

Useful Tip: Choose something that compliments the room, for example in the kitchen maybe a jokey sign about food or in the bedroom maybe a nice romantic wall sticker about love.


5. Storage Solutions

Storage doesn’t need to be plane and boring; you can have stylish baskets to vintage cages which you can use to store anything in.

Use the storage boxes to your advantage, buy boxes that match your rooms décor and can add to they style – embrace your boxes.


Now its time for you to go and experiment, have fun and create (effortless) styles and new looks in your home!

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