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The Silent Killer!

Posted by Xeina Henning on

Blinds with looped cord/chains are a serious threat to children, there has been an increase in the number of child fatalities around the world involving blinds with looped cords/chains.

According to research most accidents involving window blinds/cords happen in the bedroom occur with children between 16 months to 36 month old. There heads weigh proportionally more than the rest of their body compared to adults, this makes it really difficult to free them self’s if they become entangled.

Something as simple as a window blind cord/chain can be a real danger to young children, with awareness and taking a few simple actions you can eliminate the danger.

It is your job to make sure your blinds are safe!

With children’s summer holidays coming up, right now is the perfect time to make your blinds safe.

How to make it safe?

  • Do not place a child’s cot//bed/highchair near any windows

  • Pull Cords on blinds should be kept short and out of reach

  • Lock the cord/chain away in a Cord Lock Away

  • Don't hang drawstring bags where a small child could get their head through the loop of the drawstring.

Child Safety Wand - Cord Lock Away


This products is a retro fit child safety product that keeps looped cords and chains out of children’s reach, designed to be the simplest, safest and most universal product on the market.

The Cord Lock Away is a child safety wand that uniquely raises the height of the accessible cord/bead chain out of children’s reach. Once fitted, the device remains in place and the upper region of the cord/beaded chain can be used to operate the blind in the usual way.

Fitting the device takes just a few minutes with the screwdriver provided.

Available Sizes: 40cm & 60cm all sizes are approx.

Prices start from just £3.50!

Click here to get yours today!



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