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Introducing the new Foldaway Metal Hold Backs!

Posted by Sarah Harrington on

Ok so you have large windows, meaning you will have large curtains which will probably be thick and heavy, I bet they weren’t cheap to buy either? 

You take them home, hang them up and they look fabulous… Oh wait a minute, what is that sticking out from behind the curtains? It’s you curtain holdback! 

Does this sound familiar?

It is a pain when your curtain holdback’s just take all of the attention away from your beautiful and stylish curtains. You find that people just stand there trying to figure out what is actually causing the curtains to protrude so much in one little area rather than how beautiful your curtains look and the amount of style they actually add to your room. 

No matter how discreet the holdback is there is no getting around the fact that this will happen to all curtains weather they be large, small, thick or thin. I mean it is the way that curtain holdbacks are designed all over the world,  to stick out so we can fit or curtains behind them and know that they will be held securely until we want the curtains closed again.  

Well all of this worrying and stress is now a thing of the past… 

Meet the Metal Foldaway Ball Holdback


Featuring a sleek modern design available in a choice of 4 different colours – Antique Brass, Satin Silver, Chrome and Polished Graphite. 

The foldaway holdbacks come complete with all fittings as well as a small ball finial on the end of each holdback. The arm on the holdback is longer than standard holdbacks, this is a great feature as it means they are perfect for the larger and thicker curtains which standard holdbacks just don’t hold back. 

When installed the foldaway Ball Holdbacks look just like any other normal holdbacks, once they have been folded away the holdback arm will be flush to the wall (super easy to fold away – instructions included in the pack), this prevents any lumps and bumps showing through the curtains. 

Get the future of holdbacks today - Prices starting from just £13.48 + FREE Delivery!









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