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Top 5 House Warming Gifts

Posted by Sarah Harrington on

Moving is tough, stressful and shocking… yes shocking. Think about it - you actually see the entire amount of possessions you own which usual makes us think ‘How did I ever fit all of this into one house!’ 

We have put together a list of the top 5 best house warming gifts which are sure to make you the best guest ever.

1. Wall Hangings

You don’t have to spend a ton of money, you could even give a piece of art or a painted canvas you have done yourself. 

Wall hangings with funny or life quotes and sayings work well as gifts, we all love things that make us laugh.

Purchase your wall sign/plaque here today! 

 2. Greenery, bringing the outdoors in!

Plants are a great present to give; they upgrade both the décor and ambiance in a home. 

This gift is also a great idea as you don’t need to worry about anyone else giving the same gift - You can never have to many plants!

3. A Scented Something

The most traditional house warming gifts are candles.

A great way to keep a home smelling clean and fresh at all times, although it’s a traditional gift they are still classed as one of the best house warming gifts to give.  

 4. Bath Time Goodies

After all the stress, packing and unpacking a nice hot bubble bath will be needed! Practical and luxurious, a perfect house warming gift that will be greatly appreciated.

 5. Presents for the Paws

If there is a pet dog or cat moving into the new house why not involve them in the celebrations buy getting them a new toy or some treats.


Remember when it comes to house warming gifts, the more personal the better. Try and keep the gifts small and sweet so they are not taking up a whole load of space in the new home. Think about the person you are buying for, what they love and enjoy to do.

 If you keep these things in mind I guarantee you will find the perfect housewarming gift.

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