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Are you going away this summer? Here are some top tips on how to keep the burglars away!

Posted by Sarah Harrington on

The number of house burglaries increase in the summer time every year.

 With millions of us going away on holiday for a week or two leaving our homes empty, it’s a burglar’s paradise!

 We have listed a few ideas of things you could do to before leaving for your holiday to keep burglars away.

  • If you have a burglar alarm, make sure this is set correctly before leaving your home.

  • Purchase a timer switch - Set up a radio or a lamp and time it to come on in the evening when you would normally be home, this gives the impression someone is home as normal.

  • If your driveway is going to be empty you could invite a neighbour or friend to use it whilst you are away, a car on the driveway give the notion that someone is home.

  • Ask a family member or friend to call round and check on the house whilst you are away. (Even if it is just the outside of the house they are checking this is still a good idea, they can push any mail through the letter box that may be poking out or remove any deliveries that could have been made.)

  • DON’T publicise that you are on holiday over social media i.e Facebook – This is just like creating a advertisement for burglars to see that your home is empty.

  • Hide away any valuables or anything that may catch the attention of burglars.

  • Remove or store away any ladders or steps you store outside, you don’t want to be helping them to break in.

  • For the same reason lock any sheds or garages, burglars don’t carry tool boxes therefore will use anything they can get their hands on to try and break into your home.

A great idea is to jot down the best ways you can think of  to secure your home,  before leaving for your holiday make sure each one is done, use the notes as a check list ticking each one off as you do them tick each one off to make sure your house is as secure as can be - This will be a great way to give you peace of mind whilst away.

Lastly make sure to enjoy your holiday, have lots of fun and relax!

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