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The ‘Must Have’ Colours this Autumn

Posted by Sarah Harrington on

Say goodbye to the bright colours of summer and welcome a new wave of colour for this Autumn, palettes include soft pinks and royal blues mixed with bold blacks and steel grey.

Bold Black

Black continues to be a popular trend this autumn. Add this bold hue in solid palettes or even in smaller doses, i.e. wall art and accessories. Combining detailed moulding with dark walls is a great way to add warmth into the room.

Steel Grey

If you feel using black on the walls is to risky and just not you, why not try using a rich steely grey? This is the perfect colour to create a graphic and modern style along with a very elegant feel.

Royal Blue

We have seen a lot of navy and darker shades of blue, but not for this autumn - Royal Blue is here! Use as an accent colour with cushions, accessories, wallpaper and art to get the best effective from this colour.

Warm White

Similar to black, white is in style all year round. This autumn we are seeing a more toned down earthy hue of white. You can use white for almost anything, walls, accessories, cushions, but for a more modern twist look for bold black and white patterned wall paper.

Blush Pink

Not your typical autumn colour, blush pinks look great with royal blues or burgundy. Use along side traditional autumn colours making them feel instantly modern and fresh.  

Rich Burgundy

Paired with pink or black it can look off pretty edgy and fashionable. Just a touch of this luxurious colour is all you need to get a maximum effect.

They are the top 6 trending colours for this autumn, now your up to speed its time you go and have some fun with them!

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