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Refresh your Home for Less – Curtain Poles and Finials

Posted by Xeina Henning on

We have some top tips and tricks for refreshing your rooms which wont break the bank – A great Win–Win scenario.  No matter how your home is decorated things can become out-dated, over used and in most cases just boring so it is important to get them important items that make the big changes to your rooms. This is a great way to stay in love with your home as we all know it is easy to become bored of the everyday ‘same old’ scenery.  -------------------------------------------------------------------- Did you know that changing the style and colour of your curtain pole’s can...

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What are "Finials"?

Posted by Sarah Harrington on

The word ‘Finial’ is used a lot when talking about curtain poles, but yet not many people actually know what a finial is? Finials are probably the most important part of a curtain pole from the design and style aspect. They are the decorative ends on the end of your curtain pole, they can vary from small little end caps to huge big flowers (crazy, we know)! The finials are the main feature on curtain poles that create the unique design and style. They can add sleek and sophistication to your room within seconds using minimal effort. Refresh for Less...

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