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Measuring Guide

 Before you choose a pole or track from our wide range of products, you will need to know the size of the window you are buying for. 

If you are replacing an existing curtain pole or track all you will need to do is measure the length of the existing one as this will give you the size that you are going to need. 

If you are not replacing a pole or track and need to know how to measure your window to get that perfect fit then follow the quick and easy steps below.


All you will need to do this is a tape measure. You can use any kind of tape measure although we do advise you to use a metal one as they seem to give a more accurate reading.  

Take measurements to the nearest centimetre. 

Decide how much space you are going to need either side of your window for your curtains to be drawn back (Shown on diagram as B, this should be at least 15cm each side).

Once you have done this you will need to then measure the recess of the window (Shown on the diagram as A)

To work out the length of pole or track that is needed: 

Measurement A + Measurement B + Measurement B = Pole/Track length 

Remember that the pole length does not include the set of finials which come with the curtain poles, so make sure to leave some room on either side for them (Measurements of finials are below).

Now you are ready to start shopping with All You Need For Curtains

Have Fun!