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Child Safety Wand - Cord Lock Away

  • £500

A retro fit child safety product that keeps looped cords and chains out of children’s reach.

This is a new blind safety device, designed to be the simplest, safest and most universal product on the market.

With 12 toddler deaths in the last two years caused by entanglement in continuous looped blind cords/beaded chains, it is clear they still present a very real danger, despite the ability of several basic safety devices.

The Cord Lock Away is a child safety wand that uniquely raises the height of the accessible cord/bead chain out of children’s reach. Once fitted, the device remains in place and the upper region of the cord/beaded chain can be used to operate the blind in the usual way.

Fitting the device takes just a few minutes with the screwdriver provided.

This is a good alternative to the Child Safety P Clip if you do not like the idea of screwing something to your wall.

Available Sizes: 40cm, 60cm & 125cm all sizes are approx.

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