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Complete Streamline Coiled PVC Curtain Tracks

Complete Streamline Coiled PVC Curtain Tracks

  • £720

The Streamline PVC coiled track can be bent by hand and is easy to install. The track can bend to fit any shape bay window, and can also reverse bend to create a return if required. 

Sizes available: 350cm & 500cm all sizes are approx. 

Material: PVC

Colour: White

Suitable for light to medium weight curtains.

  • 350cm has enough fittings to make 2 tracks for the average size window.

  • 500cm has enough fittings to make 3 tracks for the average size window, ideal for extra long bays. 

Complete kit includes: Streamline coiled track, end stops, gliders/hooks and key lock supports.


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